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The online consultation process

⏱ How long does an online consultation take?

Our partner doctors usually get to Pilot customers within 24 hours (although we aim for much shorter).

After that, the 'follow up question' phase may take a day or two as you and your doctor message each other on the platform, whenever you're available.

🏃‍ What are the steps?

There are 3 steps before a treatment plan is delivered.

  • 1 – Complete an online medical assessment (a quiz) about your history and problem
  • 2 – Pay $20 for a doctor's time (a doctor will contact you with any follow-up questions)
  • 3 – Confirm a treatment plan created by your doctor.

After that, if you are happy with the plan, your treatment will ship from a partner pharmacy.

🤷‍♂️ Am I guaranteed treatment?

No – if the doctor decides you're not suitable, a treatment plan will not be created for you.

Think of Pilot as your regular doctor, everything is legit, and we uphold the highest of Australian standards.

Online medical assessment

⚙️ Tell me more about the first step, the quiz?

This part is a free online assessment with lots of questions, to determine if Pilot is right for you.

The best way to think about it is like the clipboards you fill in at a medical clinic asking about your history, except online.

The questions are detailed, and you must be prepared to go deep and be honest about your condition and history.

🔏 So are my answers stored safely?

Absolutely. We take data security and privacy extremely seriously, and have an encrypted medical record. Our engineering team is focussed on creating a platform that is world-class in terms of security.

The doctor

💵 Does it cost to see a doctor?

After online assessment form is completed, we charge $20 to connect to a doctor. This is refunded if you're not suitable for a treatment plan.

As you might be aware, doctors are well paid. This fee covers the time of a top-quality, Australian GP. Because you are not guaranteed a treatment plan (it is the doctor's call) this allows us to cover costs up-front.

🗂 What follow up questions do doctors ask?

It varies (they can ask anything). But it is usually about your medical history and making sure you are a proper candidate for treatment.

📲 And how does a doctor text me?

When a doctor has a question, you'll receive an email with a secure link to a chat interface.

Here, you can review the questions and answer when it suits you. This is a secure platform.

The treatment plans

👨‍⚕️ What happens if I am approved by my doctor?

You will receive a secure link to your treatment plan, where you can review it and purchase.

Here, you can review the questions and answer when it suits you. This is a secure platform.

💤 Why do I have to go through all this before I learn about the treatment?

Under Australian law, we are not allowed to communicate anything about scheduled medication until a medical doctor has reviewed your case and recommended a treatment plan.

🧠 When will I learn about side-effects?

When you recieve a link to your custom treatment, all this information is displayed clearly.

♻ Why do I have to sign up for a automatic repeats?

This allows us to provide consistent care, and make sure you get the proper repeats of any medication in the correct dosage.

⏳ How long does the treatment plan last?

This is up to the doctor's discretion. After you have had your last shipment, you will follow-up consultation on the platform to make sure it is working, and you're not experiencing side-effects.

✋ Can I cancel?

Yes, you can pause your treatment at any time, at zero cost. Unfortunately, we cannot be refund you for any treatments that have already shipped.

😑 What if I don't like the treatment plan the doctor provides?

The doctor is in the best position to make this call and the decision rests with them, but you can always contact us at if you think something is wrong or a mistake has been made and we will follow up with the doctor.


🏬 Who are your partner pharmacies?

Pilot works with a growing number of independent Australian pharmacies who make sure you get your treatment plan, and important information on usage and safety. These are located in NSW and QLD.

You will be provided with details of a specific pharmacy your order is placed with before you confirm your order.

🚚 How does shipping work?

The pharmacies pack your custom treatment and use Australia Post (with tracking) to ship it directly to you.

👀 That's fine, but what if I want to hide my delivery from housemates / family?

We understand that completely, so our outer bag does not feature any Pilot branding.

📧 How do I use the treatment?

The pharmacy will enclose clear usage and safety instructions, and for added convenience we also link to this from your 'order shipped' email.