The health navigator for Australian men.

Pilot is a technology platform that helps Australian men take command of their physical and mental health.

That means learn about their problems, then connect with trusted Australian doctors, psychologists and pharmacists and take action.

Why Pilot?

Men's health is in dire straits.

The stats are pretty damning –

  • 75% of suicides in Australia are men[1]
  • At age 25 years, male deaths are more than twice as common as female deaths.[2]
  • Aussie men are significantly less likely to seek treatment from a GP than Australian women[3]
  • An estimated 72% of Australian males don’t seek help for mental ill-health[4]

Add to this our national appetite for risk-taking behaviour, including alcohol abuse, drug-use, smoking and gambling.

So let's make accessing help easier

Our healthcare system is world-famous and full of brilliant people.

But accessing it is simply too hard for a busy (and embarrassed) male population.

There's a stigma around mental ill-health and help-seeking[4], with "waiting room syndrome"[5] and busy work schedules contributing to shorter GP visit times[6] and 42% fewer visits than women (between ages 15-44)[7].

Australian patients have taken these problems into their own hands, often buying counterfeit medications from overseas.

And while Dr. Google is there for us (and the average patient is more informed than ever) that information is scary, conflicting, and lacks a path to action and a doctor's advice.

There has to be a better way to engage with men about their health.

Introducing Pilot

Technology and the internet is finally mature enough to fix these problems.

So we built Pilot – Australia's end-to-end health navigator.

A platform for Australian males to take command of their own physical and mental health, designed to help them learn about what is causing their problems and then take early action under the guidance of trusted Australian doctors, psychologists and pharmacists.

The man who can't get access – too rural, too busy, too ashamed – can use telehealth to speak to someone.

Equally, it's a way for doctors to spend more time seeing patients and less time on admin.

Learn more about how Pilot works here.

The problems we are tackling

We believe that physical, mental and aesthetic health problems are delicately linked.

So we're starting by helping to treat mental health, hair loss, sexual dysfunctions and sleep disorders, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

It's time for Australian men to regain control of their healthcare.

Talk is cheap - let's get into it.