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The hard problem:

Erections are complex and erectile dysfunction (ED) affects lots of men.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it – it pays to get out in front of ED before it affects you mentally.

The good news:

There are a few treatments for ED that work, are cost-effective, and are widely-prescribed by Australian GPs.

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ED Treatment Plan

Based on Australian GP guidelines, a doctor can create a personalised treatment plan for you, which may include prescription medications.

Get Started

GP-prescribed treatments, delivered.

Pilot cuts out the middle man and connects you directly to independent doctors and pharmacists via telehealth.

If you’re suitable for treatment we can ship the most trusted medications available from Australian pharmacies straight to your door in two month intervals.

ED 101

  • Stats

    • ED occurs in 40% of men[1]
    • One in two Australian men have had sexual difficulty in the last 12 months[2]
  • Causes

    • A range of complex body systems not working together (hormones, nerves, muscles etc)[3]
    • Can be worsened by stress or mental health concerns
  • Signs

    • Trouble getting an erection
    • Trouble keeping one
    • Reduced desire for sex


Can I actually get decent healthcare without seeing a doctor in person?

Pilot is a technology platform that makes it easier to communicate with a real doctor.

You know all those forms that you fill out when you get to the GP? And all those questions that a doctor asks you when you sit down? All of them are now done online, at a time that suits you, and then passed to the doctor for assessment.

The doctor will contact you if they need further information, and you will also recieve continued support from your doctor and our medical team.

What are the treatments on offer?

Good question – unfortunately, Australian law prevents us from naming specific treatments until a doctor has had an online consultation with you.

What happens is a doctor will review your information, determine if you're suitable, and create a customised treatment plan. This treatment plan will be based on Australian GP standards, and could include prescription or non prescription options.

The exact treatment and all important information will be shown to you before you commit to starting the treatment plan.

What about side effects?

All medicines have side effects, and the current best ED solutions are no different.

Once you have a consultation with a doctor and they decide the best course of action, you will be provided information to read and understand before anything ships. It's important to be 100% informed and comfortable about what you take.

How much does it cost?

The cost of treatment programs provided through Pilot are roughly $69 for a two month supply. To save on shipping fees and the hassle of receiving a package every month, our partner pharmacies ship your products every 2 months, so you can expect a charge of $69 after you confirm your treatment plan.

How long does it take to ship?

A Pilot partner pharmacy will send a trackable shipment via AusPost within 3 days of your doctor's consultation.

Talk is cheap - let's get into it.